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Our award-winning team of animation visionaries is on a mission to reach hearts and minds across the globe by telling beautiful, heartwarming stories that hit the funny bone, while raising awareness and inspiring our audiences to become more active stewards for the planet and all its amazing creatures.

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Raft Animation iOtter PSA pointing to trash in ocean

One of the First-Ever Animated Social Media Influencers and Activists

A revolutionary planet pal, Oliver the Otter demonstrates the broad reach and impact animation can have on education and the environment. The iOtter Clean Up PSA , produced in partnership with global nonprofit Oceana, features Oliver, a spokes-otter encouraging we be part of the solution in cleaning up our world. His light-hearted approach and timely message lit up social media, reaching audiences of all ages with over 111,000 views in the first 48 hours from its Instagram premiere. View the iOtter PSA »
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If You Can See It
You Can Be It

Raft Animation Club Gaia kids laughing

A Hybrid Animated / Live-Action Interactive Global Community for Indian Children and Their Families

The high-concept comedy with a massive heart, Club GAIA features the adventures of sister & brother team Arati and Arjun as they work in India with help from their pals, the Superhero Chakra Squad! Learn more

Raft Animation and Ceres Earth You Big Ol' Thing You The Song feature image

A Love Song, Animated Story & Celebration

Underscoring the magical inspiration that animation and song can bring, Earth You Big Ol’ Thing You is a love song to Mother Earth – a big thank you for her beauty and bounty; gifts that should be cherished and prized by all. Designed to inspire us to do more to preserve and protect her, the animated short film combines memorable characters and a powerful story with a visionary song that speaks to universal themes of happiness and hope, and captures what we share together around the planet. Produced in partnership with global non-profit Ceres.

Earth You Big Ol Thing You Song

Featuring Award-Winning Talent

Raft Animation and Ceres Earth You Big Ol' Thing You Actress Songwriter Mary Steenburgen headshot

Mary Steenburgen
Award-Winnng Songwriter

Raft Animation and Ceres Earth You Big Ol' Thing You Country Music Artists Brothers Osbourne headshot

Brothers Osbourne
Country Music Artists

Raft Animation and Ceres Earth You Big Ol Thing You Singer-Songwriter Lucie Silvas headshot

Lucie Silvas